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Success And Straight Teeth

We all know that an attractive appearance has long been associated with success, and the ability to be more successful as you climb your career chain. However, recent studies have revealed that that correlation goes one step further. People with straight teeth are considered to be more successful simply because they have straight teeth, in addition to being more attractive (which in turn leads back to being more successful). This means that having straight teeth provides a direct two-punch boost to your ability to be successful in your career.

Just how much effect do they have? Well, consider the following:

  • Make a Lasting Impression: A set of straight teeth gives you a more attractive smile, which is important in a first impression. How important? 29% of Americans have stated that they typically notice someone’s teeth first, and that its the thing they most remember later.
  • Success And Straight Teeth: It doesn’t just end with first impressions. A group of test subjects shown a series of photographs stated that they would hire those with straighter teeth over someone with the same skills and experience who had crooked teeth. Additionally, assumptions regarding wealth and success are also tied to this same feature.
  • Labor of Love: Those with straight teeth are treated preferentially over those with crooked teeth on dating sites, based on the photo alone.
  • Poor Teeth = Poor Social Life: Continuing the line of social success, those with perfect teeth are 57% more likely to be asked on a second date. How much more likely? Let’s just say that living with your parents has 15% less impact on your likelihood for a second date.
  • Perfect Teeth = Great Personality: Regardless of the facts those who have straight teeth are assumed to be happier, more intelligent, and healthy.
  • Given A Choice: We all have things we want in our lives, happiness, success, wealth, and a long lifetime. Given a choice test subjects indicated they’d give up something on their want list to have a perfect smile for the entirety of their life. They chose perfect teeth over perfect skin, dessert, and nice vacations.

Clearly having a perfect smile carries a lot of weight in your social interactions, and can have a direct impact on your ability to get where you hope to with your life. Given this fact its surprising that so many have an aversion to regularly seeing their dentist. Regular visits to your dentist and a consistent regimen of oral hygiene are important to maintaining a healthy smile.

Additionally, while some people balk at the expense and discomfort of getting braces or other devices aimed at improving their smile, the results of correcting your smile can have real life-changing results. Unfortunately we live in a society that places personal appearance very high on its list of things that aid in forming an opinion. If you’re unhappy with your smile, you should visit your dentist today and see what can be done to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Reaching your goals may very well depend on it.


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