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The Effect of Smoking on Your Teeth

Everyone knows smoking is a bad habit. In addition to lung cancer, as well as many other types of cancers, smoking also causes people to develop asthma and is expensive. But there’s another side effect of smoking that many people don’t think about: oral problems. Smoking can cause mouth cancer, which is cancer of the…

Medications Leading to Dry Mouth Which Leads to Caries

Oral health is an important part of your overall health. This is why dentists, doctors, and pharmacists make it a point to help patients who are on medications that cause dry mouth. Many medications cause dry mouth. In fact, over 500 medications ranging from blood pressure meds to pain meds to decongestants are linked to…

Your Smile Makes a Difference With First Impressions

  While looks aren’t everything, recent studies have shown that a person’s teeth play a large role in first impressions. In fact, one study showed that individuals with straight teeth get more dates, are perceived as more successful, and perceived as being smarter. It might not seem fair, but the truth is that these studies…

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