Teeth and Dating

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It is common knowledge that when it comes to dating, the place of good looks can never really be overstated. When we are to make decisions about the people we’re going to choose as romantic partners, looks definitely play an important role. This is why you can never take the appearance and general aesthetic outlook of your teeth for granted. The way your teeth look will have a major role to play in adding to your physical attractiveness and you can’t take it for granted.

This rule applies to everyone, regardless of whether male or female. A study carried out in 2013 showed that when it comes to dating and choosing romantic partners, a lot of people actually take the way your teeth look into cognizance.

To wit, let’s take an in-depth look at the importance that is attributed to good teeth whenever you need to find a romantic partner.

A breakdown of the study

The study was organized by match.com, one of the biggest dating and socialization sites in the world. In this study, over 5,000 unmatched and anonymous people on the site were surveyed and in the course of this survey, they found out that a lot of people considered straight and white teeth to be very essential. 60% of the men who participated in the survey attested to caring very much about the way a potential date’s teeth looked, while a whopping 71% of women attested to the same thing.

The contribution to a better smile

Person’s smile is enhanced greatly thanks to good and appealing teeth. When you have a great smile it can definitely do a lot for you (as a matter of fact, people who try too hard to hide their smiles are actually perceived to give off something of a bad vibe). In truth, your teeth do need to look like pieces of snow. However, when you have a good set of teeth, you can rest assured of a better, more alluring smile. This, in turn, will portray a more positive and friendly personality and you’ll look much more attractive to people.

You might not know it, but first impressions actually do count

As the saying goes, first impressions really do matter. Numerous studies have actually show that people who have straight, white, and generally beautiful teeth are perceived by others as more wealthy and happier. People who take good care of their teeth are also usually trusted ore as they are more approachable (thanks to their usually inviting smiles). When you see a potential date who has good teeth, it is a sign that he (or she) cares about their appearance and personal hygiene to a pretty high degree.

If you’re an adult and you’ll like for your teeth to be straighter without drawing too much attention to the fact that you are actually treating them, you can easily get a pair of transparent braces. These braces are able to straighten your teeth in the same manner as traditional metal braces, but they have no crews and can easily be removed.