Protecting Your Child’s Future By Checking Their Posture

A lifetime of good posture and excellent spinal health starts in the earliest days of our lives, and constant vigilance will ensure that it remains well into our golden years. If you’re a parent you should be aware that monitoring your child’s posture is an essential part of their overall health, and that problems spotted early can be corrected before they cause long-term problems. In a world where poor posture is unwittingly encouraged by hunching over iPads or slouching as we play video games or peruse the web, it’s more important than ever that parents know how to check their child for bad posture.

At Home Methods for Checking Your Child’s Posture
There are two sure-fire ways to check the health of your child’s spine at home to ensure they don’t have any major problems, but be certain to combine them with regular visits to your physician to catch any minor problems before they have a chance to worsen.

These two tests should be in parents every toolkit:
• The Standing Wall Test – This test begins with having your child stand with their back to the wall, with their heels approximately 6 inches from it. Their shoulders, back of the head, and buttocks should all be touching the wall to ensure you get a proper test. You will then take your hand and pass it behind their back to check for healthy curvature, meaning that there is a space of 1-2” between their back and the wall, as well as between their neck and the wall. Variations in either direction indicate that there is something out of alignment in your child’s back, and a visit to your physician is necessary.
• Snow Angel Test – To perform this test put your child in the same position mentioned in the standing wall test. Then have them place their arms against the wall with their forearms and palms facing outwards, and have them move their hands up over their head while keeping their arms firmly placed against the wall. If they have trouble achieving this then it’s time to take them out to see the dentist.

Make Checking Your Child’s Posture A Regular Habit
While these may seem relatively simple tests, they’re a good indicator of overall spinal health in you and your child alike. Poor spinal health in children has been shown to impact the lifelong development of the spine and result in the misalignment of vertebrae known as subluxations. These concerns can cause issues with blood flow, nerve function, and muscular development as well as tingling and numbness. Your spine affects every area of your body as it attempts to compensate for any problems, leading a misalignment in your spine to cause problems with organ function, poor breathing, as well as straining of the back and neck.

If you have concerns with you or your child’s posture, or just want to begin a journey to lifelong spinal health under the guidance of an experienced physician, call the Premier Health & Wellness Center. Dr. Dempsey has been aiding the Waco community in maintaining full body wellness by maintaining the healthy functioning of his patient’s spines. Call the offices today to set up an appointment with Dr. Justin Dempsey and start your road to full body health with a healthy spine!