How to Maintain Your Dental Restoration

So you’ve finally committed to it and gotten yourself that fresh new set of teeth you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever caused your initial concerns, you can say with confidence that you’ve got a beautiful smile, and you intend on keeping it. It’s at this moment that you may start wondering whether or not there are special steps you need to take to ensure your dental restoration lasts as long as possible. While caring for them is relatively easy, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to retain that new beautiful smile you worked so hard for.

Practice Continuing Good Oral Hygiene

Taking care of your restorations is as simple as caring for your natural teeth. Be sure to take the time to brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least once, and give yourself a rinse with mouthwash each time you brush. These steps will help make sure that you don’t develop any discoloration, and will also help prevent gingivitis from taking hold. While your restorations may be essentially immune to decay, your gums remain vulnerable to this dental concern. It will also help hold off halitosis and keep your teeth looking great.

Use a Mouthguard To Protect Them

When you’re out engaging in an active lifestyle, there are a lot of mishaps that can happen that can potentially damage your restoration. Trips, falls, and impacts from athletic activity can all send jolts of force through your jaw and teeth that can damage them. Restorations can be damaged as easily as your natural teeth by these events, making it essential that you wear a mouthguard. There are disposable varieties, but custom-fitted ones will give you the best protection while you’re out getting the most of the best days of the season.

Night Guards – Protection Against Bruxism

This is most common for patients who also suffer from Bruxism. Bruxism is the technical term for clenching or grinding of the teeth. While Bruxism can happen during the waking hours as well, it’s most common for it to occur while patients are asleep. There is a myriad of sources of Bruxism, with stress being one of the most common. Regardless of the cause, a nightguard will make sure that you don’t damage your teeth as a result of nighttime Bruxism. Like mouth guards, night guards come in a variety of qualities and styles. While they all are effective to some degree, custom night guards are properly fitted and provide the best protection.

Your dental restorations are an investment in the future of your smile. If you want to make sure that they last you as long as possible and retain their beautiful appearance, these steps will help. Consistent visits to the dentist are another essential part of maintaining them, as your dentist will check them for damage and professionally clean them during your visit. Call Dr. Marian Bradford at Premier Dental of South Orange County for an exam and consultation today. We’ll be excited to greet you at our offices in Aliso Viejo, CA, and help you make the most of your restorations.