How Cosmetic Dentists Improve Tooth Sizes and Your Smile2.

Dentists with a focus on the field of cosmetic dentistry are responsible for more than just improving the appearance of your smile. There’s little point to creating a beautiful smile if the foundation of that smile is unhealthy. These professionals work to improve your oral health so that the cosmetic work they do will produce lasting results. All dentists receive the training required to perform the basics of restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic care. Using these treatments, they’ll be able to address underlying issues and produce a smile you’ll be proud to share.  

Cosmetic Care: Not Just A Point of Vanity

There’s a common misconception that receiving cosmetic dental care only benefits the appearance of your smile. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many treatments performed to improve your smile’s aesthetics can also provide meaningful restorative benefits. Orthodontic treatments are just one example. These treatments straighten your teeth and ensure they’re properly in position. This makes performing dental hygiene easier and prevents issues related to your jaw. Other issues that cosmetic treatments can address in the realm of restorative care include:

  • Misshapen Teeth
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Excessive gingival tissue
  • Excessive enamel
  • Gum disease
  • Dental decay
  • Gaps in the smile
  • Chipped Teeth

Except for excess enamel or gingival tissue, all of these issues can be the source of oral health concerns. Gaps in your teeth can lead to the neighboring teeth shifting out of alignment. Misshapen teeth can impact the mechanics of your mouth and lead to problems with your temporomandibular joint. Dental decay and gum disease can have drastic and lasting impacts on the aesthetics of your smile. Even a chipped tooth creates a thin spot in your enamel where decay can easily set in.

As a result, many treatments to improve your smile must address these issues first. In some cases, the treatment will address these issues while improving the appearance of your smile. Consider dental restorations, for instance. These treatments help to eliminate decay, rebuild the durability of your tooth, and restore function and appearance all in one treatment. As mentioned previously, orthodontic treatments provide similar benefits.

Teeth out of alignment can create nooks and crannies for biofilm and bacteria to hide. This can make removing plaque and tartar particularly challenging. By addressing these issues, you close gaps where decay can form and make cleaning your teeth each day easier. Professional cleanings are also prone to having better results when performed on a properly aligned smile.

Speak To Your Dentist About Cosmetic Dental Treatments

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, reach out to your dental provider. They’ll schedule you for a consultation and discuss your oral health concerns. During this consultation, they’ll provide options for dental treatment and work with you to develop a treatment plan. The outcome will be a beautiful smile that you’re proud to share. Don’t let oral health concerns keep you from that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Call your provider today!