Discover The Difference: Traditional vs Implant-Supported Dentures

Contrary to what many dental patients believe, all false teeth are not equal. When you’ve lost your natural teeth, what option you use to replace them can make a difference in your experience. Comfort and longevity are possible with both primary forms of replacement, but there is a distinct difference that may make you choose one over the other. These two forms are conventional removable dentures and implant-supported dentures, which may or may not be removable by the patient. Below we’re going to cover the differences between these two replacement options so you can make an informed decision.

About Conventional Dentures

When your dentist talks about conventional dentures, they’re discussing the kind that pops to mind for most of the population. A set of prosthetic crowns supported by a base of plastic or resin that are fit to your gums and conform to your mouth’s shape. The bone and gum structure that the dentures rest on support the dentures and are often subject to abrasion from the dentures as you eat with them. These dentures are able to be removed and are cleaned and cared for outside the mouth.

About Implant-Supported Dentures

This form of dental replacement is supported by a set of implants set into your jawbone. The material used in these implants stimulates the growth of bone, reinforcing your jaw and providing sturdy support for the prosthetic that are mounted to them. These dentures are typically only removed twice a year by your dentist, who will clean them thoroughly and check them for damage. During the rest of the year, you’ll care for them as you would for your normal teeth, with regular dental hygiene using a soft-bristled brush.

Which One Is The Better Choice?

Overall most patients agree that the implant-support dentures are the better choice, but some factors may come into play that makes this less true for others. Some patients lack the necessary bone to support dental implants or have frailty of health that contradicts their ability to undergo surgery. The conventional dentures are able to be removed and cleaned easily and are generally more affordable. Unfortunately, this benefit comes with a tendency to cause abrasion sores on the gums. In addition, conventional dentures do not counteract the loss of bone density over time. Dental implants are able to accomplish this due to the titanium mounting, stimulating bone growth, and provide a superior look and feel for the patient.

Each of these options has its benefit for the patient, but the ultimate choice as to which is right for you is going to be decided by you and Dr. Bradford. Premier Dental of South Orange County has been serving its community with preventative, restoration, and cosmetic dental services and is ready to welcome you into their patient family. One phone call to schedule an appointment at our offices in Aliso Viejo, CA, starts you on your road to better dental health. If you’ve decided it’s finally time to take action to restore your smile with dentures, we’re here to help you choose the right prosthetic for you.